Committed to analyzing and responding to your control and automation needs


Committed to analyzing and responding to your control and automation needs

Design and Fabrication of Electronic Circuit Boards

H & G CONTROL provides design and fabrication services for electronic circuit boards complete with imbedded programming. Design is based on a consultative approach, with all deliverables being quantified and listed. A thorough analysis is undertaken to decide on the best approach. Products are then developed, tested and improved till the most robust, dependable and cost effective design is finalized. Circuit boards designed for dock levelers, hydraulic and pneumatic applications and generator control have been providing dependable service for many years to our customers.

System Analysis, Programming & Commissioning for Automation Applications

H & G CONTROL provides complete automation and control services, including in depth system analysis, panel production, programming and commissioning for process automation applications. The most suitable and efficient components are selected for each application with a view to providing a long service life.

Proficiency has been gained in programming, installing and commissioning PLC’s (Programmable Logical Controllers) from Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, Omron and Siemens. Procurement, installation and commissioning of VFD’s ( Variable Frequency Drives) is undertaken. Drives supplied are based on application suitability and are procured from Danfoss, ABB, AC Tech, Altivar, Leeson, Siemens, Allen Bradley and Omron.

After Sales Service

H & G CONTROL provides one year warranty for all control panels manufactured by the company. Prompt and effective after sales service is the most serious commitment at the company. Our responsibility does not end with the one year warranty. We work towards complete customer satisfaction by providing expertise for part replacement, equipment enhancement and retrofit work for years after the warranty period is over.