Committed to analyzing and responding to your control and automation needs

About Us

H & G CONTROL is committed to listening and responding to your control needs

H & G CONTROL is a well reputed provider of Custom Control Panels, Generator Control Products and Design and Fabrication of Electronic Circuit Boards since 1965.

Company approach is to partner proactively with customers and excel in providing the most well built and well designed products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Provide prompt and effective after sales service and achieve complete satisfaction from the end user.

Commitment to total quality has led to an extremely high customer retention rate. Most customers have been providing repeat business for more than fifteen years and treat H & G CONTROL as an imbedded extension of their own business.

Custom Control Panels

H & G CONTROL can be classed as a general control panel builder in such diverse areas as refrigeration, cooling towers, chillers, industrial heating, shipping dock operators, water treatment, dust collection, diesel generators, emergency power switching, industrial process machinery, conveyors, pumps and a host of other applications.

H & G CONTROL is a CSA approved shop for Canada and USA with general approval under CSA Standard No 14, with approval limits of up to 600Volts, 5000Amps, and 200HP. At H & G CONTROL drawings have been done on CAD since 1990 which amount to a considerable design base. Extensive experience has been gained in implementing PLC and VFD applications, complete with system integration, programming, configuration and commissioning.

Generator Control Products

H & G CONTROL offers electronic controllers and Engine Mounted Control Panels for generators. ‘Matrix 16′ controller is the flagship product of the company. It is a well designed robust controller that has been providing dependable service for many years on a large number of locations.

Generator manufacturers and service companies prefer to replace other controllers with the ‘Matrix 16′ to ensure trouble free service for their customers. A full range of peripheral products has been developed, that work with the ‘Matrix 16′ providing a comprehensive generator control solution.

Design and Fabrication of electronic circuit boards

H & G CONTROL offers design and fabrication of electronic circuit boards complete with embedded programming.

Customized circuit boards designed for dock levelers, hydraulic and pneumatic applications have now been in service for many years. Design approach is to undergo a thorough system analysis and then provide the most robust, dependable and cost effective design.